We are often asked what the name Utua means and where it comes from. Usually, the first reaction to the name is curiously accepting and sometimes it is even thought to point in the direction of Japan. However, the background of the name goes back to purely Finnish nature.



When Piia, the founder of the brand, in 2013 thought about what kind of values and in what direction she wants to develop the brand, it was self-evident that the activities must be guided with respect for nature. In general, Piia wanted to bring the same values to the brand that she felt were important in her own life. She thought that the name and logo should reflect the value base. So, while thinking about different name options and at the same time looking out the window, her thoughts stopped at a beautiful scene of nature, a misty field landscape.

While admiring this view, the idea for the name Utua was born. As a name, Utua is short and concise and it resonates with both Finnish and international customers. The symbol of the logo was drawn with fog flying in the air, exactly from the field landscape in Ostrobothnia. It symbolizes clean and healthy nature, which we want to respect in our operations.

Utuan logo symboloi puhdasta ja hyvinvoivaa luontoa.