Leather bag care instructions

This is how you care for your leather bag

The Utua bag is a genuine, handmade leather product. The nature of the leather includes small lines on the surface of the leather and vivid colors. Your Utua bag will last and age beautifully when handled nicely and cared for carefully.

In order for the leather to remain beautiful and flawless for a long time, it should be cared for by moisturizing and cleaning. We recommend Collonil's plant-based conditioners for treating Utua bags. The series includes care oils and protective substances that are mild and safe to use. Plant-based care oils are a traditional way of caring for leather products, and they do not contain strong chemicals.




Care instructions: exfoliated and smooth surface skin

Treat the leather twice a year with a neutral colored moisturizing conditioner. Let the care product soak into the bag in peace. Before use, if necessary, remove excess conditioner from the surface of the leather with a clean cotton cloth.

If your bag has gotten wet in the rain, for example, let it dry in peace, protected from direct sunlight or other heat sources. After the bag has dried, you can treat it with a neutral colored moisturizing conditioner. Do not rub a wet bag, because rubbing can damage the surface of the leather! The color can also come off from a genuine leather product when wet.

If there is a stain on the bag, clean it with a cotton cloth dipped in warm water and Marseille soap or use a cleaning leather care product intended for leather. It is also worth protecting the leather with a moisture protection spray, which not only protects against moisture but also against dirt. Protection can also be renewed. It is recommended to protect the bag, especially before rainy seasons. Store the bag filled in its own protective bag.

Please remember that leather is a genuine natural product that can stretch if it is stretched. Stretching can be caused, for example, by too much weight in the bag or packing the bag too full. A bag packed too full can also damage the zipper, so choose a bag according to the purpose of use – in the right size bag, things will travel comfortably!




Care instructions: BIO vegetable tanned leather

BIONAHKA is a natural and ecological material that patinas beautifully and shows signs of life and lines brought with it over the years. The vegetable tanning of bio leather is made from natural materials available with tannins and biodegradable vegetable oils. As a result of the handmade dyeing, the coloring of the surface of each bag becomes individual. The lines and wrinkles visible on the surface of the leather are not defects, but belong naturally to the leather.

Scratches and lines that appear during use can be slightly smoothed by rubbing them with your fingertips. The natural fat transferred from the skin acts as a smoothing agent. For cleaning and caring for vegetable tanned leather, we recommend Collonil Gel cleaning and care gel.

Vegetable-tanned leather is slightly more sensitive to moisture and dirt, so it can be protected before use with, for example, Collonil's Protect & Care spray or Carbon pro spray. For treatment, we recommend the Collonil Gel product.