A beautiful small leather bags is a finishing touch to your look!

Utua bags are hand-made from high-quality, genuine leather, and they have been designed to bring joy and functionality to both festive occasions and everyday life. Genuine leather feels and looks good. The bag can have an adjustable shoulder strap and room for all your necessities. Choose your favourite from our plentiful colour selection! A high-quality bag brings a touch of luxury to your workdays and parties!

A small bag has many names!

A small bag, evening bag, festive bag – we have many names for the bags we love, and the bags have many uses! A small bag will finish your look, whether it is
for a formal occasion or a more ordinary day. A small bag is a practical and stylish accessory, whether you are headed for a night out or a shopping spree. A small bag can also be practical to pair with a work bag: a laptop bag or backpack will hold a laptop, documents, and a planner, while the small bag holds a phone, wallet and keys – and a lipstick.

A classic small bag in a single colour and clean-cut design can be used equally well with a little black dress or a floral dress. A colourful small bag can be used as the focal point of an outfit. A great solution for a dressy outfit can be combining an evening gown with a bag of a matching colour.

A small bag is easy to take everywhere you go! It is suitable for work, parties, and leisure. The size of the small bag should be determined by your needs, so
that the bag fits all the items you cannot live without.

Our small bag range has plenty of colours and models. Express yourself with colours! You can choose a classic black or brown, happy red or orange, stylish
green or beige, or romantic rose pink or lavender blue. The choice is yours!