Clothes care instructions

Care instructions for merino wool knitwear and tricot clothing

The service life of merino wool and tricot clothes increases when they are well taken care of. Each product has a washing tag, according to which the product should be washed and cared for.

Tricot clothes should be washed inside out with the same colored laundry. The washing temperature is selected according to the instructions on the washing label. We do not recommend fabric softener for use on clothes that contain elastane. Fabric softener wears out elastane clothes and shortens their lifespan. As a detergent for colored clothes, you should choose a detergent intended for colored clothes. Stains should be cleaned immediately, after which the garment can be washed normally without soaking.

For merino wool clothes, we recommend airing as the primary care method. Merino wool is a naturally antibacterial material, so wool does not collect odors after heavy sweating. That's why merino wool clothing doesn't need to be washed as often as synthetic fiber clothing - often just a good airing after use is enough instead of washing. Stains are removed by washing locally.

For merino wool hats and scarves, we primarily recommend airing them out, but they can also be washed in the machine with a delicate wash program at 30 degrees and in a laundry bag. As a detergent, we recommend a gentle wool detergent or bile soap. Do not use fabric softener! After washing, the woolen clothes are placed horizontally to dry and ironed when wet. If a woolen product is hung wet, it will stretch and lose its shape.