A leather shoulder bag

is a stylish part of your outfit. High-quality materials and a clean-cut design make this bag easy to combine with different styles; the shoulder bag suits different situations and outfits. Inside the bag, there are various pockets and often also a divider to keep everything organised! When all items have a designated place, everything is easy to find. The practical shoulder strap leaves your hands free.

A shoulder bag is an essential, necessary part of a woman’s everyday outfit. A stylish shoulder bag has an important role to play. In addition to a mobile phone, keys and wallet, you often need to carry a small make-up bag, and a women’s shoulder bag is the perfect tool for taking everything with you. Books, papers, folders,
and a laptop also need to fit in. If you also need to grab a cardigan and a water bottle, select a shoulder bag that can fit everything you need. To guarantee that life runs smoothly with all your items, there must be a divider and various pockets to maintain order! Everything has its place, and everything is easy to find. The practical shoulder strap leaves your hands free.

Women’s shoulder bags – functional style in everyday life!

Utua offers a broad range of shoulder bags. An important feature in shoulder bags is a long, adjustable shoulder strap, offering the possibility to carry the bag either across the shoulder as a crossbody bag or on your shoulder. Our selection includes various shoulder bag models in several sizes for different purposes. We want to make roomy, practical shoulder bags to cheer up your
everyday life!

Some bags are a part of Utua’s EXCLUSIVE collection. The EXCLUSIVE collection consists of hand-picked products made of luxurious leather. These products are only manufactured in small quantities by hand.