Bag materials and manufacturing

The timeless and unique Utua bag

At Utua, we don't design fashion, but timeless classics, options for slow consumption. The practical design of Utua bags, the world's best leather, high-quality sewing and easy repair guarantee that a well-maintained and maintained Utua bag will last a long time. Each Utua bag is designed in Finland and manufactured in high-quality atelier level in Europe.


Zero waste

Utua leather bags are cut and sewn in a small family-owned leather atelier in Greece. Our seamstresses are skilled craftsmen with long experience in their work. Already in the design phase of the bags, we consider material efficiency, lifetime optimization and product repairability. In this way, we ensure that the production of our bag selection puts as little burden on the environment as possible.

In the production of Utua bags, leather is efficiently used. A good example of this is our Uniikki bag collection, where the material efficiency of leather has been taken to its peak. Each Uniikki bag is sewn by hand from leftover pieces from other bag production, which makes each Uniikki bag unique. With Utua's numbered Uniikki bag on your shoulder, you can be sure that you won't come across another one like it!


Leather is a natural product

Leather is a genuine natural product that breathes and lasts. In addition, the leather has individual properties that make each skin vibrant and unique.

The leather used in Utua's bags is mainly leather created as a byproduct of food production in the Nordic countries. In the Nordic countries, the animal welfare legislation is the strictest in the world, which guarantees that the animals have good living conditions. Leather production takes place in Italy in a factory whose processes use water and chemicals to a minimum. The factory also has a closed water circulation system, thanks to which process water is not discharged into the sewer.


Bio leather

Our selection also includes leather tanned with biodegradable vegetable oils, which is more ecological than traditionally vegetable tanned leather. When tanning leather, biodegradable oil is used, which does not burden the water system at all. The vegetable-tanned leather we use is also hand-dyed, which is reflected in the lively look of the leather's surface. Thanks to the hand dyeing, each sheet is also completely individual.