Utua's story

As the morning dawns and the evening cools down, a beautiful mist floats over the expanses of Ostrobothnia. Admiring this sight, Utua was born in 2014, a domestic bag and clothing brand that draws its inspiration from Finnish nature and the landscape of the soul. In line with our roots, our design is based on Ogla clarity and practicality. We want to make timeless and unique products that look like their wearer, that work both in everyday life and at parties, in every situation throughout life.

It is important to us that our products last a long time and are loved by the user. We design details for each product that make it unique and personal. The purpose of our products is to complement the wearer's personality. That's why we love the moments when we see that our product has found the right owner! Responsibility is at the core of all our activities. We want to do our part in creating a more sustainable world, where both people and the environment can do well. Every Utua product is designed in Raahe and manufactured from responsible materials in the EU region.