At Utua, we want to make timeless and unique bags that look just like the wearer, with courage and dreams beating at the core.

A woman in the background of the UTUA

From love to colors

Utua's founder Piia Vähäsalo's love for bold and cheerful colors and authentic materials is easy to sense in the product selection. Expressing oneself and empowerment through colors have played an important role in her own life, so the Utua colorful collection was born from the desire to offer the same opportunity to others as well.

The life values that they find important in their own personal lives have also been transferred to Utua's values, and operations are managed through them. The choices made in the early stages of Utua, for example regarding manufacturing locations and materials, are still valid today, even though the product range has expanded over the years.

In capable hands

All products are manufactured inside the EU

All our products are made from high-quality materials in the hands of long-term professionals. These hands have decades of expertise in making even the most demanding leather products. By operating within the EU, we want to make sure of decent production conditions and that the people who manufacture our products receive appropriate compensation for their work. Our partners are committed to complying with European labor legislation

The leather used in the bags is processed in Italy and the sewing work takes place in a family-owned atelier in Greece.

Shop and showroom

Utua's heart can be found in Raahe

Our products are brought to life in our design studio located in the middle of idyllic old Raahe. Our roots are deep in the Northern Ostrobothnia landscape and soul life, and this is reflected both in our values and in our everyday activities. We offer high-quality and timeless products in a wonderful range of colors.

It's easy to come visit us, because you can drive right in front of the door! Our store is open all year round. Welcome!

Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm

Where it all started

As the morning dawns and the evening cools down, a beautiful mist floats over the expanses of Ostrobothnia. Admiring this sight, Utua was born in 2014, a domestic bag and clothing brand that draws its inspiration from Finnish nature and the landscape of the soul. In line with our roots, our design is based on Ogla clarity and practicality.

We want to make timeless and unique products that look like their wearer, that work both in everyday life and at parties, in every situation throughout life. It is important to us that our products last a long time and are loved by the user. We design details for each product that make it unique and personal. The purpose of our products is to complement the wearer's personality. That's why we love the moments when we see that our product has found the right owner!

Responsibility is at the core of all our activities. We want to do our part in creating a more sustainable world, where both people and the environment can do well. Every Utua product is designed in Raahe and manufactured from responsible materials in the EU region.

We believe in life

For every moment of it.

We believe in design that defies time.

And to design that tells the world who you are.

We believe in joy: glowing and big.

We believe in change: sustainable and clean.

Daring is strength.

Standing out is a strength.

Individuality is energy.